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KOR-FX Experience on GTA Online (GTA V)

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  • KOR-FX Experience on GTA Online (GTA V)

    Let's head to Los Santos with our KOR-FX Gaming Vest and become the kingpin of the city by killing everyone else that stands in my way.
    Being in a gamingclan myself I'm used to using TeamSpeak3 (a voicechat program) alongside any game I play often making myself set the volume of the game a bit lower to hear my gaming buddies
    I'm using a Creative HS-800 Fatility Gaming Headset plugging the microphone in the back of my PC and the speakers on the output of the KOR-FX Dongle
    My PC Volume is set to 100 so that the KOR-FX Dongle gets the full signal

    Note that the settings I'm using might not be the ideal ones since every setup and preference is different

    KOR-FX Settings:

    The vibration amplitude is set to one above Medium (The up and down keys on the vest turning either the amplitude up and down accordingly)
    Filter mode is set to Filter 3 (Pressing the mode button will change the filter, having the biggest range on Filter 3 and lowest on Filter 1)
    The Dongle's settings:
    Input Volume 7 (0-9, the input volume from your PC to the Dongle and thus to the vest, setting it higher increases sensitivity of the vest towards sound)
    Output Volume 7 (0-9, output from dongle to my headset)

    GTA Online Audio Settings

    SFX Volume 50%
    Music Volume 30%
    Dialogue Boost 0%

    Playing the game:

    With the new Lowrider DLC coming out I decided to head back into the world of GTA V and spend too much ingame cash on a car I don't need, but yeah that makes me play the game more to get my street money back.
    Carchases, helicopters and gunplay is what this game is about and I fully enjoy it in the Contact Missions on GTA Online, alot of difference in the missions makes me feel most of the game with my KOR-FX Gaming Vest.
    Driving towards the objective in the tough Panto, killing the enemies with my Sticky Bombs, Combat MG, Heavy Sniper and then taking off in a truck, buzzard or Titan to deliver it back for that bling bling money.


    Driving in GTA Online is lovely with the feeling of the curbs and crashes you make because of my terrible drivingskills, even feeling the rumble strips on the highway when you drive over it.
    The heavier the engine the heavier the impact on you, going from hatchbacks to musclecars, from buzzard to titan and from pistol to Combat MG, you can feel the increase in the power you play with.
    Explosions in the game really meaning something when they blow up nearby giving you the feeling of being in that action movie going gunho at them all, the KOR-FX Gaming Vest brings you into that action.
    Shamefully after hours of testing I couldn't feel the ladies giving me lapdances rewarding me for my crimes done well

    Always good to blow up an ugly looking chrome lowrider to clear the streets for my own beautyfull cars

    Have fun,