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KOR-FX Experience on Star Wars Battlefront

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  • KOR-FX Experience on Star Wars Battlefront

    I shot first, Han Solo! I'm sure of it since I felt the knockback of my blaster before yours with my KOR-FX Gaming Vest.
    Let's join the war in space and see how the cinematic action of Star Wars Battlefront will be forced upon us.

    Click image for larger version

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    Being in a gamingclan myself I'm used to using TeamSpeak3 (a voicechat program) alongside any game I play often making myself set the volume of the game a bit lower to hear my gaming buddies
    I'm using a Creative HS-800 Fatility Gaming Headset plugging the microphone in the back of my PC and the speakers on the output of the KOR-FX Dongle
    My PC Volume is set to 100 so that the KOR-FX Dongle gets the full signal

    Note that the settings I'm using might not be the ideal ones since every setup and preference is different

    KOR-FX Settings:

    The vibration amplitude is set to Maximum (The up and down keys on the vest turning either the amplitude up and down accordingly)
    Filter mode is set to Filter 3 (Pressing the mode button will change the filter, having the biggest range on Filter 3 and lowest on Filter 1)
    The Dongle's settings:
    Input Volume 6 (0-9, the input volume from your PC to the Dongle and thus to the vest, setting it higher increases sensitivity of the vest towards sound)
    Output Volume 7 (0-9, output from dongle to my headset)

    Star Wars Battlefront Audio Settings:

    Master Volume: 100
    Output: 2.0 Enhanced Stereo
    Music: On
    Dynamic Range: Headphone ​

    Playing the game:

    Star Wars Battlefront is truly what it means, a total war between the Empire and the Rebels with you at the front shooting blasters, throwing thermal detonators and become one of the heroes of that galaxy far far away.

    Click image for larger version

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    With the music on and the Master Volume on maximum this game brings you straight into the movies, explosions and blasterfire accompanied by the AT-AT Walker making its audible impact on the ground for you to enjoy.
    And don't forget the fighters in the air for that airsuperiority with X-wings and Tie fighters raining down fire on the ground when they spot you walking.


    To compliment that nice full cinematic experience Star Wars Battlefront gives me I setup my KOR-FX Gaming Vest for Maximum vibration amplitude, because in this war I want to feel the explosions around me and the blasters I am shooting through my body.
    I have the music on since that is just a part of Star Wars and with my Input Volume set to 6 on the KOR-FX Dongle it will not be felt, however the big AT-AT Walker stepping next to me with his big feet can be and it is lovely.
    All the explosions happening almost nonstop you can feel together with whatever blaster you desire, you will feel the difference in the power you wield and the power they throw back at you, thermal imploders included.

    Click image for larger version

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    Vehicular combat is also a lovely feeling as you shoot those heavy blasters from your Walker on the ground or with the Slave 1 and Millennium Falcon in those airbattles.
    If you enjoy Star Wars Battlefront for that feeling to be part of it, then you will love going into battle with your KOR-FX Gaming Vest on.

    Have fun,

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    Very nice Rhinoboy, have to add this to me Xmass wish list