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Apple's 2014 reveal, what did you think?

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  • Apple's 2014 reveal, what did you think?

    What did everyone think? It was very interesting for sure, especially with the Apple Watch and its haptic feedback!

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    Sure it ain't got nothin on the Kor-FX, but... It did look pretty cool. The iPhone 6 plus has my attention too.


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      I wasn't too impressed tbh. I don't see it as a big upgrade over the 5s (my current phone), I don't want a bigger phone. When I see people with the likes of the Galaxy Note and alike I just can't believe how invasive it is. You are talking to them and they pull room divider sized phone out of their pocket and start texting! For my the 3Gs still has my heart as far as iPhones go. Felt the nicest in my hands. I prefer mechanical watches so I don't think I will pick up a watch either.

      The biggest disappointment for me was that there is still no ability to increase the bit rate of music in iTunes or on iPhone past a certain point. When I have albums recorded with much higher bit rates but my iPhone down samples them its actually heart breaking.


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        I agree with you on the phone size, I can already barely fit my iPhone 5 in my bag when it has the protective case on! haha. It's like a cinder block

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      well I tried getting music from other places but iTunes and the quality is so bad

      iTunes has amazing quality.. I mean Satellite Sirius XM radio has the best tho

      the bass in the car is way deeper than any music I have and bass increased them too and bass boosted in car and player Max