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Binding Trouble

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  • Binding Trouble

    As others have had, I too have binding issues with the doggle and vest.

    I have read the suggestions:
    "To help me better understand your situation, can you just confirm the following:
    -make sure you are not too close to your computer or console when binding it or any electrical equipment or Wi-Fi router. If it's to close it might get signal interference.
    - make sure the vest is on and that your vest is within a few inches of the dongle.
    - turn the vest on, then power it off, remove and put the batteries back in "this resets the vest" and they try binding it again.
    - unplug the dongle and from the USB and shut it off, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in and try binding it again.
    -The dongle power switch is "on" and is blinking rapidly."

    I have tried all of this. What is the next step?

    Thank You,

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    Hi SaintA if you can email me at I can get you an RMA form and have you return the vest to me in exchange for a working one